July 23, 2008


Alright, it's time to make that damn move to the new site. I'm so sorry blogger, I do love ya, but you ain't have what I need, that is a stand alone version that I can host at my own domain (*insert sad smiley here*).

So, peeps.. from now, please continue to read this blog at my new address:

The site is far from finished, and I ain't a computer genius, so I'm gonna need a LOT of time to set up my new website (it does not help that I'm so broke right now that I couldn't afford a pro to design the site for me). The blog section is kinda okay for now, readable and won't hurt your eyes, but don't be surprised if you see theme changing every two seconds or so, coz I still haven't found a great theme to put at the new blog.

Say your farewell now people.. see ya all at my new site!

July 20, 2008

Macha Moon

After our 'ayam betutu' time at Mampang, me, Lena, Linda, Iyank, Tjepi, and Bebe decided to try Macha Moon at PS. True to its name, Macha Moon is devoted to everything green tea.. well, not all of it though, since they also serve other Japs dishes like tempura, udon and so on. But we didn't come there to try the tempura and its friends, we came there for the green tea desserts. Tried a lot of things during our 3+ hours stay there, like macha latte, macha french toast (thumbs up for this!), macha tiramisu, and other macha drinks. All were delicious as expected! Too bad we didn't get to taste the macha pancake (it's been saved for next time).
Since I'm a lover of anything green tea (ice cream, sweets, and desserts especially), Macha Moon is just like I died and gone to heaven :D

July 18, 2008

We're ,moving to a new address

I've decided to move this entire blog to a new address. Mumpung baru dikit isinya, sekalian deh gue pindahin ke domain sendiri :D

It's still on progress, ntar ada announcement lagi kalo udah jadi yah!

July 17, 2008

Daily blabs: ongkir

I was having this convo with someone a lil while ago, kira2 begini bunyinya:

X: "gimana kalo kita2 yg buka lapak bikin list buyer2 yg ehmm.. rese?"
Z: *ngasi 4 ekor nama*
X: *nyengir while listening to the names* "si anu nih kayanya lumayan biang kerok ye, udah sering deh disebut dimana-mana?"
Z: "em, miss nawar ongkir. gara2 lo bilang dese suka kirim duit kurang, gue ngecek dulu transferan dia brapa.. eng ing eng, ongkirnya ga dibayar aja gitu "
X: *jaw dropped*

Gila yah, ongkir doang kok pake mo diakalin. Yah, gitulah, ada oknum2 yang masih berusaha mati2an buat ngakalin ongkir. Makanya yang pada buka lapak, ngecek transferan kayaknya is a must. Gue ngarti di tempat kita biasa maen sistem kepercayaan dan kekeluargaannya tinggi banget (and I love that place for it), tapi sayangnya ada 1-2 ekor yang nyoba ngerusakin. Coba kalo temen gue itu gak ngecek lagi, bakal dobol kantongnya buat nanggung ongkir. Mana tinggal di ujung berung pula si oknum ybs *sigh*.

July 16, 2008

L.V.V's new address

Yep, Le Vavavoom have a new address: www.levavavoom.com. We're still hosted at Multiply, but slowly and surely we're going to move bit by bit to a new site entirely. I heard lotsa horror stories about how accounts suddenly disappeared at Multiply, even the admin doesn't have any idea as to why this could happen. Frightening I must say, considering the effort taken uploading the images and such. Of course we're still keeping our Multiply site (as long as it's still up), we do need the traffic from there I admit, but customers are going to be instructed to go to our new site as soon as it is ready.

July 14, 2008

FD Gathering at Lila's

FD gath last Saturday at Lila's turned out to be a huge success. 30+ members attended the gathering which starts at around 11 till I dunno, 4..5 PM? Lotsa girls had their own 'lapak', ranging from makeup, batik, bags, accessories, clothes, and designer bags. Each participant got a goody bag from the host, Lila aka Dini (the owner of AkuSukaTas.com).. it's a cute lil leather pouch, which fits perfectly for cigs, cellphone, and lipstick. Thank you so much Dini :-)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

July 06, 2008

Sana sini wedding!

Lagi musim orang kawin yah? Kemaren Winda, hari ini Tika, temen gue dari SD. Anyway, wedding receptionnya Tika-Adrian was at Dharmawangsa hotel. It was nice, gue udah takut sumpek (secara tu tempat kecil), taunya ampe blakang2nya ditendain juga, jadi orang terbagi bagi ga tumplek plek jadi satu. Tika cantik, pake kebaya adat sunda, makeupnya juga bagus. Ketemu macem2, ada temen2 ex SD-SMP, Denise-Amal and the gang, dll.

Pics coming up soon, coz I didn't bring my camera, jadi kudu nunggu ada yg aplot dulu baru dicolong :D

July 05, 2008

Winda-Aji's Wedding

So, yeah, yesterday was my friend's (Winda) wedding reception at Museum Keramik. We were ex roomies back in Melbourne. What a party, huh! Talking 'bout free flow drinks and all :D Sapa sih yg pulang dari situ ga tipsy.. This would be the 1st time that I attend a wedding party at the museum. It's a fresh change I must say, daripada pesta2 kawinan yg ga jauh2 dari hotel or tempat2 sekitarnya itu.

Congratulations ya Win, hope married life suits you!

July 03, 2008

Bangkok - part 1

Akhirnya gue menginjakkan kaki juga di Bangkok! Yup, kemaren itu was my 1st time to the Land of Thai. It was fun, fun, fun.. travel partnersnya sapa dulu dong (luv ya girls!). Only bad things were the hotel and the damn 15 kg restriction Air Asia made. Gue sekalian mau spread the words nih, kalo kalian pada ke Bangkok jgn sampe nginep di Ramada D'MA di Pratunam yah. That hotel was BAD! Talking about rude customer service here. Gilingan bener, itu staff2 di concierge bener2 rude semampus-mampusnya. Mana bloon pula bhs Inggrisnya, jadi pas kita omel2in juga cuman ngangguk2 doang kayak kebo dicucuk. One staff (the bald male one, kagak ada cakep2nya) went on as far as shouting at me when we did our checkout at 4 o'clock in the morning. The other staff (a female who looked like bencong taman lawang ketabrak bajay) juga gak kalah rudenya, keliatan banget dari ekspresi mukanya. Pokoknya, kita bener2 adu2an kesel deh selama nginep disitu.
Enuff complaining, now let's talk about shopping.. SURGA! Barang2 disana bener2 murah dan bagus2. Itu 2 tempat Kaoshan ama Jatujak (Chatucak) bener2 worth it dikelilingin walaupun panas2 dan bau apek.
Makanan pun murah, hawkers2 gitu paling 15-20 baht, that's like below 10 ribu people! Makanannya gak bapuk pula dan banyak macemnya, mulai dari spring rolls, nasi + ayam goreng, pad thai, ampe berbagai macem mie ditawarkan. Gue makan tahu goreng pake sweet chilli sauce di Chatucak enak bgt sumpah! Padahal itu cuman tahu gitu loh.

to be continued.. pics coming soon!

Ati2 dengan Air Asia

Waktu kemaren mo balik dari Bangkok ke Jakarta nih, kita nyaris kena tipu ama staff Air Asia yang ngerjain check in kita. Waktu nimbang koper kita cepet banget tau2 bilang kena 12 kilo excess. Nenekmu 12 kilo, jelas2 kita nimbang pas di hotel dan ga sebanyak itu excessnya. Akhirnya, setelah kita paksa untuk nimbang ulang, dia mau, itu juga setelah cengar cengir ama staff laennya sambil mumbling something in Thai. Dan bener kan, setelah ditimbang ulang, ternyata excessnya cuman 2 kilo aja tuh! Gile bener Air Asia, nyaris buntung 10 kilo kita, which is 1750 baht sodara2 (1 kilo = 175 baht). So, ati2 deh kalo travelling with Air Asia, esp. thru Bangkok. Make sure elo pelototin tuh timbangan.

July 01, 2008

New additions at LVV

I've added some cute makeup pouches and brush rolls over at multiply. Go check 'em out!


June 27, 2008


I finally gone crazy and opened up an online shop over at multiply. Why did I choose multiply? Well, coz after careful thoughts, I came into a conclusion that multiply is by far, one of the biggest (and fast growing too) sites that hosts online shops. I know, I know, multiply wasn't meant for that type of thing, it was meant for networking and making friends. I'm just gonna see how it goes for my shop, for now, I'm just gonna stay there where it's free and easy to use (yeah, I'm a dumb ass for making website/multimedia bullshit).

Go take a look at my shop if you guys want to: LeVaVaVoom (I don't even know what that means, LOL!)

June 20, 2008


I just found out recently that a cousin of mine who lives in Kansas is turning herself into a pro-photographer. I was quite surprised, well.. I know that she loved taking pics and all, but never had I thought that she'd turn pro, I thought it was only a hobby. Anyhow, her pics are really good, I mean, really, I ain't saying only coz we're related, but her pics are worth looking, classy, and with a certain style that's uniquely hers. I dunno what that certain style is, can't really describe it, but it has to do with unique angles and lighting imo. This cousin of mine, she specializes in lifestyle photography, taking pics of babies, toddlers, kids, families. She does wedding too with another partner. Regarding her wedding photography, I must say that it's entirely different to what I've seen here so far. Hers are more relaxed, lotsa candid pics, which I like so much. Here, the style is more formal, posed, grandiose kinda thing.. in one word: boring. Often, coz it's so posed, the pics can't no longer capture the energy of that moment. 'Nuff said, take a peek of her portfolio if you have the time: www.arenbyphoto.com

June 17, 2008

A thing or two about eyeshadow primers

Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI), and MAC prep-prime eye (MAC) are among the most talked about in the eye shadow primer category. I've tried all 3 of them, and here's what I think:

UDPP: Cute packaging (purple genie shaped bottle) yet annoying. The wand has limited movement to where it can reach the sides of the bottle, meaning there's a lot of unused product trapped inside. texture is just nice, dries instantly, with a very good staying power. Colors pop out real nicely afterwards. In terms of price, well, it needs to be cut in half (to take out the trapped product) to justify the price tag.
Price: $16

: Tube packaging, means it's more hygienic (compared to UDPP & MAC) coz you only take out as much as you need per application. Texture is a tiny bit oily and more thin than UDPP, and the color is a tad darker too, which is fine by me since I'm a medium-tan kind of girl. Staying power is very good too, as well as the ability to bring out colors more vibrant. Drying time is slightly longer than UDPP, perhaps coz of the texture.
Price: $17

MAC: Plastic pot packaging. Entirely different texture compared to the other two. You swipe your finger or brush to take out the product, just as you would on a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. Not very hygienic imo, also it tends to pick up colors from the brush as well, especially if you're using the same brush for eye shadow application. Staying power is okay, but the other two is better. Drying time is also slightly longer and the texture is just a tad greasy.
Price: $16

Do I have a favourite? Well, it's a tie between UDPP and TFSI to be honest, since I like both and really can't decide which is better. UDPP's packaging is a PITA, but the drying time of TFSI is not as fast, while both have very good staying power. So, it comes to a tie at the end.

June 13, 2008

Aku kasihan!

Gue lagi kasian ama seseorang, sepertinya dia repot bener. Repot macem2, ngurusin ini, ngurusin itu, banyak deh. Seperti urusan yg satu ini, yg ada hubungannya ama kesana kemari, cari ini itu, duit ketahan berminggu minggu, duh gue aja yg cuman penonton kesian bener liatnya.. prihatin, hehehehe.. sebab kayanya orang2 ada yg ga tau diri, demen nyusahin ama ngetes patience bener romannye. Numpang nanya, kalo bertamu ke rumah orang terus ditawarin "mbak, mo minum teh botol ga?", apa iye elo mintanya Pepsi ato Coca Cola?
Belom lagi urusan yg itu, temen2 kerjanya dia ga ada yg bantu samsek. Gak semuanya parah sih, cuman 2 particular persons aja yg ga guna, nyandang titel doang tapi kerjanya nothing. Orang ga guna satu romannye kewalahan coz of something (tapi tetep nongkrong jalan terus).. orang ga guna dua, yah dia lagi, kelaut aja gih lu, gemes bgt ama orang ini, mana waktu itu nyaris malu2in gue lagi. Ada lagi nih urusan laen lagi, buaya kok mo dikadalin? ya mana bisa.. nice try though. Intinya, kadang kalo kita banyak maunya, maka hal yang harus dikorbankan pun sometimes banyak juga. Gak bisa ngorbanin orang laen dong? Apa bisa tapi terus ketauan di tengah jalan? Oops! True to the nature orang yg ke-gep, ngeles pun dilancarkan terus menerus, up to a point where he/she looks like a damn idiot.

It's all about nails

I've been struck by the nail polish madness lately, something that's quite wow imo, considering that I rarely had the patience to color my nails one by one. I dunno, but these few days I magically posses the desire and patience to make my nails prettier and more colorful. Today I went to get myself a couple of bottles of OPI, the shades are Catherine the Great (pictured on the left) and OPI-I Love This Color! I also got a couple of Sally Hansen (French Manicure kit and Double Duty base-top coat).
Was going to do the French Mani when I got home, but I messed up and switched to Catherine instead. It's a very purrtyy shade, medium to dark purple with shimmer and a dash of red to it. My nails are essentially blah, round and short, but with lil tricks here and there this pretty shade managed to look good on my unattractive nails :P

Image courtesy of: www.opi.com

June 12, 2008

I'm in trouble!

Uh oh, I'm in deep shit.. and it's all thanks to wuwu and her poisonous lil shop at FD. She listed lotsa stuffs that were too hard to resist, such as Stila shadow pots (pucuk dicinta ulam tiba bener), Stila rouge pots, Stila brush set (with a case that is oh-so-cute!), and.... (ini gongnya nih).. MAC with 15% discount! All the other stuffs are below retail too, ya know. Looks like there wouldn't be left a dime from my paycheck this month, seeing that I spend so much lately. I dunno whether to laugh or cry 'bout it, bakal ga punya duit tapi banyak mainan baru *sigh*, I dunno being a bencong can be this hard, hihihi. Wuwu is really damn poisonous, after I did enough damage with the Stila thing, she opened up a new one (MAC). I was like.. "whaaattt??".. kapan abisnya ini kalo begindang? mau bikin gue beneran bangkrut kayanye :D
Wuwu, tenkyu.. u made me broke this month cong, but... ai lop yu still *hugs-getok-jambak-cium*

June 11, 2008

STILA Shadow Pots

I don't usually do makeup reviews (there are already a lot of other places that does it), but I just had to write about this particular product that I love so much at the moment. It's called shadow pots by Stila. This creamy in texture eye shadow mousse is very easy to apply and gives a nice color pay off too. It is perfect when time is not on your side or just wanted to do a simple eye makeup. Comes in a variety of metallic colors and can be worn alone or as a base with powder eye shadows on top for a more intense look. When compared to MAC paint pots, Stila wins in terms of easier application coz of the light mousse texture and a slightly better color pay off. It's just that MAC has a better variety of colors to choose from, bigger jar = more product, and cheaper too. Oh, the one I have is the one as pictured, Amber.. very pretty!
Price 19 euro/14 GBP.
More info, go to: www.sephora.fr, www.hqhair.com, or www.stilacosmetics.com.

Pic courtesy of: www.hqhair.com

June 09, 2008

Bandung trip

Just got back from Bandung tonight with a group of FD friends (me, Linda, Dhyta, Tjepi, Irene, Lena, Iyank, Juleha, Bebe, and... the special guest, Ayu (who came all the way down from Malta.. this trip is for her)). We stayed at SummerHill Residence, a nice lil hotel in Setrasari, and our lil 3 bedroom apartment was just perfect to accommodate all of us. Great foods, great shopping, endless gossiping, free manicure, makeup, tons of pics, non-stop laughter, and fantastic gals.. these are my way to sum up our perfect weekend at Bandung. Definitely included as one of my best weekends, I feel like doing it all over again :D

* mulai gak waras :D *

* tebak.. kuku2 siapakah ini? *

* banci tampil dan bir bintang kesayangan *

Sometimes, great results are achieved thru lil or no planning.. well, this saying is def true in this case. Up 'till Wednesday last week I still didn't know whether I can go or not (dad being in the hospital and all). I'm just glad I decided to go at the end, coz I'll be damned if I missed this fantastic trip!

June 02, 2008

Poor dad!

Setelah tes darah yg ke-2 kali, tnyata bapakku positif dbd, trombositnya drop dan kepalanya sakit bgt, so it's not typhoid after all. Teteup aja kekeuh ga mau dibawa ke rs, gue tau bgt dese jiper, seumur idup ga pernah sakit yg mengharuskan opname di rs. Tapi akhirnya ga ada pilihan lain deh, gue ama emak gue mana sanggup ngerawat orang kena dbd, mau diinfus pake aer kolam renang ape?
Karena cuman gue dan emak gue adanya, we're taking turns, malem ini emak gue yg nginep disana, gue jaga rumah. Cepet sembuh ya babeku sayang..